Monika Roy Crossley

Monika Roy Crossley has been working in the financial services industry since 2007 with experience in banking, lending, insurance, investing and holistic personal financial planning. Each of these positions allowed her to acquire the knowledge to truly understand all of the facets of financial balance. She has an investment philosophy that focuses on finding the balance between building, protecting, and enjoying your financial success. 

Her clientele ranges from retirees and pre-retirees, embarking on the preservation and distribution phase of their financial journey, to young professionals just getting their first real checks and trying to build a financial future. 

Monika has a special expertise in working with medical and dental professionals who are looking for ways to protect their income and assets, grow their wealth while minimizing their tax bill, and reducing their student loan and practice management debts.  

Monika Roy Crossley is a registered representative of Cambridge Investment Research Inc and offers advisory services through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors Inc . Click to read a copy of a complete advisory brochure and supplement

Monika is married to Kerry Crossley and they have two children. In their spare time, Kerry and Monika own and operate Sno-la Snoball Lounge, a timeless New Orleans tradition with an innovative twist. Monika loves to cook and entertain guests