We specialize in disability selection for medical residents and dental students while their choices are at their prime. We also specialize in planning after graduation whether you are joining an existing practice or starting your own. We will help prepare you for the big cut of taxes from your first check, but can also help you figure out a plan for paying down your debt, catching up on the savings you missed while studying, protecting your business practice, and mainly how to find the balance of finally getting to enjoy earning a "real" income while still protecting and growing your wealth for the future.

We typically recommend a Guardian disability policy for medical and dental professionals and can explain why. But not every situation or client fits the Guardian mold. We will help you get the best outcome from your disability search based on your individual needs and history. We work with all of the major disability companies that should be of interest to you as a doctor, dentist or medical professional and will help you with the two way selection process: you choose a disability company, but the disability company has to choose you too. 

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Retirement planning & Your Estate

Young Professionals

Medical and Dental Professionals

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Doctors and Dentists are often in a whole different ball game! It may be years before you reach your full earning potential and so most doctors and dentists think they don't need to think about finances until they have a real income. But what if you worked so hard and never get to see that income? You start off 6-10 years behind your siblings and college mates financially and often have significantly more debt, all in the hopes of making a solid six figure income for years into the future. But what if something happens before you get there? Do you have a plan? Have you protected the income you are working so hard for? We often tell our medical and dental professionals that you have already made the biggest investment of your lives, the time and money you invested in yourself to earn more later. You and your ability to work is your biggest asset. We can help you figure out and understand how to make sure you get there.


As a young professional embarking on the first steps to financial decision making, every decision seems difficult and overwhelming. How are you supposed to know what is the right choice? You likely haven't ever had to make these types of important financial decisions before and you are often tempted to still let your parents decide for you. It is definitely acceptable to have your family and senior colleagues share their opinions, knowledge, and experiences. But, it is our job to help you  learn how to make an informed decision for yourself as you continue to grow. No situation is ever the same, so the general information you receive from your peers, colleagues, and parents will not always apply to what you are going through financially.

If you are unsure about whether or not you should be investing, how much you should be saving, whether or not you need more life insurance, or any other financial topics that come to mind, sit down with us so we can show you how to start to build, protect, and enjoy your wealth today!

We can personally help you with investing, advisory services, retirement planning, college savings, life insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance. We can also refer you to our network of professionals and work together to help you with the process of buying a home or getting a loan, getting a will and trust in place to protect your family, or finding the most effective way to repay your student loans. 

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Every client has individual needs pertaining to their situation and timing in life.  


After having worked what seems like your whole life, you want to feel secure enough to retire without worrying about whether or not you will have enough money to last you until you die. Modern medicine has made significant strides in increasing our life spans; but the longer we live, the longer our money needs to last us. 

You may have seen commercials or read articles discussing a specific dollar amount or rate of withdrawal to ensure your portfolio out lives your expenses. You may have been to dinners regarding social security benefits or the need for trusts and annuities to protect your family and life style. You may have even heard you need to invest very conservatively in retirement. But, how do you tie it all together and what does it mean to you? 

Our goal is to help you understand what you need to reach your goals for retirement and estate planning as it pertains to you. The amount of money or type of investment portfolio you need is all relative to the income and expenses you have before you retire and the income and expenses you need to account for in retirement. We have a range of financial products and planning services available from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etfs, annuities, life insurance, and long term care insurance to help you get what you need, but the first place we start in any plan is to learn about you! Set up a meeting so we can figure out your income and expenses together!